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Cyber Excellence Division has established by the MPCON Limited, Bhopal (India) MPCON is an ISO 9001:2015 Organization and a joint venture of IFCI, IDBI, ICICI, M.P STATE -GOVT. CORP. & BANKS. The MPCEC is formed to develop excellence network for Cyber Space, Cyber laws, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics & computer etc. Employment oriented academic related training in the country.

MPCON Cyber Excellence Division has a winning combination of State of the art infrastructure, highly-qualified faculty combined with a unique academic delivery of domain knowledge, career advancement and employability skills. MPCON Cyber Excellence Division also has a large contingent of respected professionals as visiting faculty. MPCON Cyber Excellence Division believes that holistic education that nurtures the mind, body, emotions and social responsibility is key to creating model citizens of the future.

The MPCON Cyber Excellence Division will identify and address the grand challenges in cybersecurity and privacy. We will educate and train students and professionals through Certificate and life-long learning programs. We will engage the government, industry and the general public on cybersecurity and privacy issues, and transfer results into deployable technologies. The aim of the MPCON Cyber Excellence Division is to:

  • Build a positive culture of cybersecurity in India, where cybersecurity becomes second nature for all internet users;
  • Promote and enhance awareness and adoption of essential cybersecurity practices for both the private and public sectors.
  • The MPCON Cyber Excellence Division conducts Regular, Short-Term Courses, Professional Courses and Certificate Courses. The all of the courses of Cyber Excellence Division are recognized by the MPCON, Madhya Pradesh.
  • In future, MPCON Group will may open a “MPCON Cyber Excellence Division” in Indian and foreign Universities.
  • MPCON Cyber Excellence Division aims to developing excellent students, professionals with social commitment.
  • The MPCON Cyber Excellence Division prescribes norms for infrastructure, qualification and number of faculty, curriculum, Admission- criteria, number of teaching days, and minimum number of hours for Regular classes, laboratory & practical work per week, attendance required for students to be eligible to appear at the MPCON Cyber Excellence Division Examination and for other matters.
  • The MPCON Cyber Excellence Division will be conduct examination are as defined schedule.
  • Curriculum for courses of the MPCON Cyber Excellence Division are designed and regularly updated by academic team.
  • Council of MPCON Cyber Excellence Division on the basis of latest trends and demands of the employment potential
  • All the study center of MPCON Cyber Excellence Division is run by the competent and trustworthy professionals. Continued observance of prescribed norms is ensured through both regular & surprise inspections, and performance of then center in terms of target, result and facilities.
  • MPCON Cyber Excellence Division coordinates its activities through: - Its Knowledge Partner - CYBER LAW PIONEERS, Bhopal – 462003.