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The MPCED PLACEMENT ADVISORY TEAM aims at providing the best opportunities enabling every student to realize his/her dream. This team is committed to the task of contact with organizations and provides opportunities as per requirements of the employer.

The placement advisory team has one goal – make association with new organization, understand the requirement of employer, Identify qualified candidates and provide platform for interaction of candidates and employer.

MPCON CYBER EXCELLENCE DIVISION placement team for enhancing not only the employability skills of the passing out students but also the overall development of their personality. The Team will make association with the organizations and MSME for the recruitment of qualified students and associated companies will validate the certificate of MPCED for recruitment purpose.

The Computer and internet has become a major tool in successful business and job. Hence today requirement is employee needs to know about cyber security measures, types of cyber crimes, cyber attacks, Legal issues related to computer /Internet and Information technology laws/ regulations, along with computer to successfully carry out their work.

Therefore, the MPCON has taken an initiative ‘MPCON CYBER EXCELLENCE DIVISION’ with objective to prepare manpower who is expert in professional skills along with knowledge of cyber etiquettes and IT Laws.

This will help the employer and reduce the probabilities of cyber incidents happening in the organization.